13 iunie, 2010

Tributes for Sophia

First tribute

So far, so fine!
Oh God, she’s mine
From space and time.

It’s good for me
Always to be
My Sophia.

Second tribute

Sometimes she hides the truth
Behind the chaos and its emptiness,
Sometimes she brings birth
For humankind and its Universe.

But always will be the same,
For every movement up and down,
To track the white mind and to blame
Her madness for unknown…
Oh, my Sophia!

Third tribute

My faiths will be my lovely game,
My games will be as jokes of brain,
My religious faith will be the same
With yours, if we will not fall back again.

Don’t like to be a saint no more?
Ok. Then take a brake to read…
Don’t you accept all favor?
So, do it just to be agreed
With my Sophia!

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