02 octombrie, 2015

Weak Barbarism: A contemporaneous Axiological Mutation

By Dr. Radu Vasile Chialda

 This book illustrates the idea of an induced misunderstanding at a global level on the concept of barbarism which has led to significant and acute hermeneutical malformations concerning its various aspects of manifestation, both socially and culturally and, consequently, in terms of barbarism’s own axiological structure in the range of human behavior.

Presently, what we can agree on is that one should be aware of an axiological mutation. Barbarism, in terms of a global society, is not only internal to civilization itself but also part of the anatomic and genetic structure of each individual, hereditarily speaking. In this new axiological stance, acts of barbarism depict weak aspects and valences which inherit the strong character only in essence and, because exploiting errors is of focus, they have a destructive-quantitative character.
Mass proliferation, contemporaneous systems of cultural, industrial, informational goods, along with multiple errors, multiculturalism and a global civilization, transform the barbarian into a constantly lurking freak of nature. The cultivated and civilized barbarian is no more than the mutant representatives of a modern world in crisis.

The concept of barbarism in today’s scene, it being taboo, has intrigued author Radu Vasile Chialda. In his new book, Chialda examines “Weak Barbarism” (published by AuthorHouse UK) in contemporary time in society, as he tries to debate the possibilities of how to deal with this kind of new species of barbarians.

“Weak Barbarism” is a book about new forms and aspects of barbarism today as they are and appear for in present-day society. Chialda exposes the real face of barbarism, the one most are afraid to look at just because it is bad, ugly and almost every time a taboo subject. So, this book expresses the position of the barbarism between humans and gives those few solutions to stop spreading the virus it carries in the very heart of civilization.

“Barbarism cannot be eradicated from the world,” Chialda says. “It is part of it, and can be only stopped to expend by controlling our actions, our inner being and by continuing to civilize ourselves.”

“Weak Barbarism” is for those who need to discover a new interpretation of culture and civilization by understanding what they are not, which is barbarity. This is a book of what barbarism has become these days and where people can depict its actions.

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